Our Sponsors

At each TEQDEN event we enable sponsors and partners to come on board. Please read up more about the ways your business can be involved and please do get in touch with us if any are of interest:

Partner (become a TEQDEN partner and we will wrap your branding around key visual parts of our website and online marketing such as email marketing and social media updates. Be present at each TEQDEN event by way of a stand / talk to audience) – £5,000 + VAT PA

Main Venue Sponsor* (host our events and we will bring a target audience of over 100 people to your location) – Cost starting from £500 + VAT

Main Sponsors (get your brand seen at each #TechDen event with full branding on the pitching stage and marketing on Estate Agent Networking) – £1,000 + VAT

Drinks Sponsor (we supply the drinks and you will be serving everyone on the evening, a great way to talk and network out your company profile) – £500 + VAT

Media Sponsor (we film each #TechDen event so have a stand at an event and have your branding wrapped around the events videos) – £500 + VAT

* Each venue will need the required insurance and safety standards in place and ability to hold audiences of over 100.

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