Pitching at PropTechDen will provide you with exposure and networking opportunities, enabling you to associate yourselves with top industry professionals. The unique atmosphere PropTechDen generates, proves why it’s the perfect platform for any Tech or PropTech start-up to begin their investment journey.


Networking is an essential part of building wealth, at PropTechDen we allow plenty of time for our attendees to get to grips with their peers. Find yourself mixing with different staged Start-Ups, Investors, Media and passionate PropTech advocates - all of whom share a desire for property industry disruption.


PropTechDen has fast become the UK’s leading PropTech pitching event, welcoming on average 100 attendees through our doors. Pitching at PropTechDen will allow you to reach an estimated audience of over 40,000 via three social channels. It will also provide strong networking leads from our PropTech infused audience and panel of industry respected judges


Not only a fantastic networking event, PropTechDen is more than capable of administering potential investment. Both pitching and networking will provide you with a wealth of experience and a great opportunity to brush shoulders with VC’s and Investors. Insights from our previous events showed 20% of registered attendees as investors.

10 minutes
10 slides

PropTechDen brings together professionals who are united in their love for all things tech. The evening event is held in central London several times a year. With a dragon’s den style pitch, 4-5 tech start-ups pitch their idea to a panel of judges and the audience, made up of PropTech advocates and investors, get a chance to ask questions. At the end there is plenty of time for networking, and here many conversations have led to new business relationships and investments.



If you would like us to consider your company for a future TeqDen live event then please fill out our form and we will get back to you ASAP with more information.


Please be aware that you need to be actively seeking investment and have equity to offer either now or in the near future. We can not accept pitches that are just looking to attract new users/customers by pitching at one of our events. Please do not include any sensitive information about your business idea in our forms. Each and every pitch that takes place at a TeqDen event is done so at the business owners risk. We do not provide any legal help with receiving investments and we strongly advise that you take legal and business advice if you receive an offer during or after a TeqDen event.

If you require any additional information then please contact: viktorija.rinkeviciute@lifeventures.tech